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The Most Famous SEX Positions in 2022!




Have you felt dreary while having sex? Why don’t you take a bath and seduce your partner? Try the most famous sex positions people do in bed, on beaches, and even in public places.

The Best Sex Positions In 2022

Sipping vanilla lattes after a cardio workout, reading your new book at the beach, and partying with your friends till the sun comes up are the things we like to keep repeating. But, does someone here like to keep repeating the same sex position for a lifetime? Is it missionary all the time? Don’t you want to try something new and a little twisted?

Know that whenever you lift a finger or wink your eyes, it is all controlled by the brain, and the brain is a complex organ in your body. And our brains love changes, surprises, and authenticity. That’s why you can never deny the fact that somewhere in the deepest part of your mind, you are eager to try a new position. However, you’re a bit shy about starting a discussion like this with your partner. 

Things like this must be considered typical issues. Why would you settle with someone unable to satisfy your needs in bed? Saying what you prefer in bed can make your relationship stronger. It proves that you both open up yourselves and trust one another. 

Changing positions might also be crucial in some sorts of conditions, for example, a pregnant woman. It’s really both important for our bodies and satisfaction. Finding the most comfortable position is the key that will make you both stimulated. 

Add “explore new positions” to your bucket list this 2022. Don’t get left behind. There are different positions below that you can try! Some of them are even my favorite positions in bed. I can assure you that you’ll be satisfied. 

1. Missionary: The Historical Position.

Missionary Sex Style

Get over the nostalgic pasts behind your carefree days when everything you did in bed was repetitive forwards and backward. Build a different twist on the old missionary position. So instead of spreading your legs, let your husband’s legs overlap your torso, allowing shared penetrative intercourse. Missionary isn’t just based on appearance but also on your current relationship.

2. Cushion Position

Cushion Sex position

For more comfort, get a cushion and put it beneath your hips. Shift your weight, lift the hip, and open your legs widely enough to drive. It will help you adjust the level of depth while also stimulating the clit area.

3. The Cowgirl’s Helper

The Cowgirl’s Helper

You kneel on top of your partner, pushing off their chest and sliding up and down their thighs, similar to the classic Cowgirl sex position. You can get some assistance from your partner by bearing all the pressure and gripping your pelvis or legs as they keep rising with each thrust. Because your limbs are less stressed in this position, reaching orgasm is faster. When you are with a man, these sex positions can help everyone benefit by delaying his orgasm. To please specific regions of the vulva, switch from slow to deeper thrusting

4. Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow Sex Position

Let your partner hold your hips, lift your legs, and place your hands on the floor. Next, lock them at their waists on your thighs. In addition, this sex position can help your arms tone up and lead to faster penetration. You can lean on a bedside table if you take a break.

5. The Leapfrog

It actually looks like a dog style that has some twists. Put your hands on your knees, then relax your upper body on the bed while keeping your pelvis lifted. It allows you to penetrate deeper. You can also play with your clit in this position. 

Hitting it from the back

More Famous SEX Positions To Try Out Today!

6. The Dog Style

The Doggy Style Sex Position

Including all hands and knees, bend from the reverse position of partner’s upper torso straight ahead or partially stretched as the dogs do in mating.  It’s easier to stimulate G-spot with this position.  Put a twist by touching your clitoris, or let him do the hand job for you.

7. The Face-off

The Face Off Sex Position

Face your partner and make him sit on your thighs or, let him sit on a couch or at the tip of the mattress. You will have total power over the position and intensity of the insertion and drive in this position. It’s ideal for long sexual encounters because sitting provides balance. Trust your fingertips to express for themselves to add more excitement.

8. The 69

The 69 Sex Style

Let your partner lay on their back, straight on their back. You’ll appear just like figure 69 TikTok porn in this manner, don’t you agree? Your tongue should be paralleled with genitals and vice versa. Do it at a side-by-side angle as well. The biggest feature is the tongue to genitals, but don’t be afraid to get your fingers dirty as well. Bring a sex toy with you.

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Sammyboy and Mchaka Leaked Gay Cam Porn Video



The Sammyboy and Mchaka leaked gay cam porn video has leaked online!!! These two cam models like to flaunt their wealth and cars saying it is from forex!!!

Simply look at his lavish lifestyle on his Instagram account here. So this is what has been bringing him the money!!! You will be shocked by his cam videos below.

Sammyboy Photos

It has now surfaced that the two friends sell their bodies online on cam chats for money!!! They even agree to fuck each other in the ass for $100 in a leaked Instagram chat.

Mchaka Instagram Chat Asking From $100 to fuck Sammyboy



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Jinsi ya Kutombana na Kumridhisha Mpenzi Wako



Wapo watu wengi sana wasiojua jinsi ya kutombana na kuwaridhisha wapenzi wao. Muda mwingi unapata wapenzi wanachepuka au kuwa na mipango ya kando kwa kuwa hawaridhishwi inavyofaa chumbani.

Leo hii tutajifunza namna za kutombana ili mpenzi wako afurahie na kuridhika. Kwanza tutaanza kuangazia matayarisho unayofaa kufanya ili ikifika wakati wa kutombana basi kila mmoja afurahie. Kwa lugha ya kimombo tunaita “foreplay”.

Jinsi ya kumuandaa mpenzi wako

Kutayarisha mpenzi wako kwa tendo la ngono ni muhimu sana. Inafanya akili na mwili wake uwe tayari. Unafaa kuanza kwa maneno ya kutia hamu ya mapenzi. Unaweza ukamsifia jinsi anavyopendeza huku ukimgusa sehemu maalum anapopenda kuguzwa kabla ya tendo la ngono.

Wapo wanaopenda kuguzwa sehemu za uso na midomo (lips) na wengine ukiwaguza sehemu ya ndani ya mapaja basi hamu ya ngono hupanda haraka. Ni muhimu pia kupapasa matiti kwa utaratibu huku ukimbusu.

Kando na kumpapasa matiti, midomo na mapaja, wengine wanapenda kupapaswa sehemu ya nje ya kuma. Ukipapasa kuma kwa utaratibu basi mwanamke atakuwa radhi kufanya lolote maana hamu yake itapanda kwa kasi sana. Haya yote yanamfanya mwanamke akawa na hamu ya ngono kwa wepesi sana.

Jinsi ya kunyonya mboo

Kama vile mwanamke hufanyiwa foreplay na kupapaswa sehemu tofauti za mwili na kumtia hamu ya kutombana, wanaume pia wanapenda kutimiziwa haja mbalimbali kabla ya kujihusisha na tendo la ngono.

Jinsi ya kunyonya mboo
Jinsi ya kunyonya mboo

Kama mwanamke unafaa kujua jinsi ya kunyonya mboo kiufundi ili kutengeza uteute wa uboo ambayo ni muhimu ikifika wakati wa kutombana maana itakuwa rahisi kwa mboo kupenyeza kwa urahisi kumani. Kando na hilo, kunyonya mboo inamtoa mwanaume hamu ya kwanza hivi kwamba wakati wa tendo la ngono atadumu kwa muda mrefu.

Unaponyonya mboo, anza kwa kuchezesha ulimi kwenye ncha ya uume. Kisha polepole anza kunyonya bila papara. Ni muhimu kuwa taratibu ili mpenzi wako aridhike maana wanaume wanapenda kunyonywa mboo sana. Ukinyonya mboo vizuri basi mpenzi wako ataridhika na kuwa radhi kukuridhisha pia.

Jinsi ya kutombana kuma

Kuna staili nyingi sana tunapozungumzia jinsi ya kutombana. Staili inayopendwa sana na wanawake hiutwa “Kifo cha Mende” au missionary style na kwa wanaume wanapenda sana staili ya mkao wa mbwa au doggy style.

Staili ya kifo cha mende ni muhimu sana wapenzi wanapotombana maana kando na kumridhisha mwanamke, humtayarisha pia ili atakapokalia mboo kwa staili nyingine asihisi uchungu. Ukifanya vizuri, jinsi hii ya kutombana inakuwezesha kugusa kisimi cha mwanamke akawa anahisi utamu wa aina yake.

Jinsi ya kutombana kuma
Jinsi ya kutombana staili ya kifo cham mende

Wanaume wengi wanapenda staili ya mkao wa mbwa maana inawawezesha kuzamisha uboo kwa kuma tamu na laini na kuhisi utamu wa kipekee. Unapotumia staili hii, ni muhimu kwa mwanamke kubinuka vizuri na kuhakikisha ameinua makalio yake vizuri ili mpenzi wake aweze kuzamisha mboo bila tatizo. Hakikisha kichwa chako kimetulia kwenye godoro (mattress), umebinda kiuno vizuri na mikono yako imenyoshwa ili makalio yako yainuke vizuri.

Staili nyingine ya kutombana ni kwa mwanaume kulala chali kitandani kisha kujiegemeza kwenye kichwa ca kitanda au ukutani. Staili hii inawezesha mwanamke kukalia uboo na mwanamme kuchezea kisimi cha mpenzi wake. Staili hii ni noma sana na utamuona mke wako akikushika kichwa huku akibania uboo wako ndani ya kuma aweze kuhisi utamu wote.

Mwanamke pia anaweza akatumia staili ya mkao wa chura kumfurahisha mpenzi wake zaidi. Ukiwa umekalia mboo ya mme wako, kunja miguu yako sehemu ya mbele na mshikane mikono kisha uanze kujipampu kwa mboo ya mme wako. Kushikana mikono itamwezesha mwanamke kuwa imara inapojipampu na mboo kuzama na kutoka kumani bila yeye kuanguka au kupoteza udhibiti.

Jinsi ya kutombana mkundu

Hatuwezi kuzungumzia jinsi ya kutombana bila kuangazia jinsi ya kutombana mkundu, kufirana au kula tigo. Siku hizi wanaume na wanawake wengi sana wanapenda kufirana maana ina utamu zaidi. Kabla ya kutombana mkundu na mpenzi wako, ni muhimu kufanya usafi wa mkundu ili msijichafue mtakapofanya tendo ya ngono.

Staili maarufu ya kutomba mkundu ni mkao wa mbwa (doggystle). Staili hii inaruhusu uboo uzame kwenye mkundu taratibu na mwanamme anaweza akawa taratibu kama ni mara ya kwaza kwa mpenzi wake.

Staili nyingine ya kufirana ni kwa mwanamke kukalia mboo mnapokuwa kitandani ama kwenye sofa. Mwanamke anafaa kugeuka hivi kwamba mpenzi wake aweze kuona mgongo wake kisha akalie uboo na aanze kujipampu. Hii picha hapa ndiyo staili tunayozungumzia.

Jinsi ya kutombana mkundu
jinsi kutomba mkundu, kufirana, kula tigo anal sex

Kwa kumalizia, kuna staili nyingi sana za kutombana. Cha muhimu ni kujua staili zipi humridhisha mpenzi wako zaidi. Hata hivyo, hakikisha umemtayarisha mpenzi wako vizuri ili mkifanya tendo la ngono aweze kufurahia. Iwapo unatafuta vidio za kutombana basi tizama hizi telegram za ngono bongo.

Picha za Jinsi Ya Kutombana

Kupiga Mwanamke Vidole Kwa Kuma






Kutombana Kwa Choo

Kuma Tamu inataka Kufirwa

Video za Kutombana

Kunazo video mbali mbali za vipusa wakitombwa vilivyo. Iwe kwa mkundu zao ama kwa kuma zao, izi video nina uhakika mtazipenda sana.

Cheki video za kutombana hapa chini:

Cheki Video ya Kutombana Mkundu Hapa



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Strathmore University Porn; Strathmore University BBW Pussy Fucked Good



Strathmore University Porn; Strathmore University BBW Pussy Fucked Good by a huge Kenyan dick. Check out as this wet bbw pussy is given deep strokes – can almost feel his dick sliding into her pussy!

Strathmore University Porn; Strathmore University BBW Pussy Fucked Good


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Best Kenya Porn Photos and Videos in 2022



Kenya Porn pics and porn videos will have you wet and wanting to fuck this wet Kenyan Pussy till you cum in her! These Kenya porn videos were recorded by a horny ebony lady with a wet Kenyan Pussy.

If you want to enjoy real amateur Kenya Porn, you need to check out this horny lady. She was home alone while her boyfriend was away.

Because she loves his cock so much, she decided to send him some porn. Well, that Kenyan porn got leaked and ended up here.

She started out with something simple. She just took a selfie of her wearing nothing but a pink pair of sexy panties.

However, knowing that her lover’s big black cock will get hard for her boobs and round ass she got really wet.

So wet that she wanted to show her boyfriend. So, she took off her panties, sat down, and opened her legs wide to take a couple of pics of her moist Kenyan pussy.

The close-ups are amazing. You can see her swollen horny clit and the pussy juice dripping down to her ass. She even took a close-up photo of her boobs.

While taking all these photos, she felt like a real Kenyan porn star and got even hornier.

Kenya Porn pics below are the best pussy pics to wank to online right now. Without further ado…here are Kenyan Porn Pics:

Cup-Size Ebony Boobs Close-up Kenyan Teen Pussy Photo Naked Oiled Black Booty Outdoor Kenyan Pussy Spreading Women Photos

Kenyan Pussy

Wet Kenya Pussy Folds

Also Read: Cameroon Porn Video

So, she decided to shoot a couple of porn videos for her lover. She started with a nice striptease show in which she shook her ass in front of the camera.

Then she sat down again, but this time to play with herself.

First, she just plays with her clit and she is moaning sensually. And then when she can’t take it anymore, she starts to finger herself.

In that quiet room, you can hear her heavy breathing and the squishing sound of her wet pussy while she fingerfucks herself.

She even slips a finger down to her ass hole from time to time, but she’s not yet ready to fingerfuck her booty in front of the camera.

Maybe she will leak more amateur Kenyan porn of herself, and when she will, we will upload it on the site.

See Kenya Porn videos below:

Watch Kenya Porn Videos Here



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Kenyan Dick Pics As Choosen ByYou 😈🍆🍆




Kenyan dick pics posted on Kenya’s number one Kenyan Porn Site are listed below. They are randomly selected depending on the dick’s girth or length.

We know ladies and escorts in Kenya love enjoying Kenya Raha massages and sex afterwards by horny men with big dicks.

How we know this? We did an anonymous poll on our Telegram group called Vitu Kali (join the best Kenya Porn Telegram by clicking here!). 

The poll showed most Kenyan penis pics of men with big black cocks turn them on making them want to be fucked in their wet pussy, anal, and giving the Kenyan cock a good, warm, and wet blowjob. Until they drain all their loads of cum in them!

Yes, Kenyan BBW ladies and milfs / Sugarmummies like their boy toys to have a good dick that will satisfy her in bed. This is why most ladies, even white tourists in Mombasa Raha fall for met with a good hard and big erection whenever they go to bed to fuck every time they are on holiday here in Kenya.

Ladies, here are the Top 10 Kenyan Dick Pics for you to wank your wet pussies to!

Leave a comment of who you’d want to get some from and we just might make it happen for you 😉

Check Out These Top 10 Kenyan Dick Pics Below:










Best Kenya Cock Video:

As a bonus, we will also post a video of a guy with a huge dick. This is the type your girl will leave you for.

He has abs and ready to fuck your girlfriend senseless like the slut she is. Watch the huge dick swing from side to side below:

Kenyan Cock Video



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Sugarmummy in Nairobi Nude Photos and Videos



Sugar Mummy with Beads and Hairy PussySugarmummy in Nairobi Nude Photos and Videos will have your Kenyan dick hard and ready to pound their pussy raw!!

Sugar mummies in Kenya offer their ben tens a chance to fuck them raw or using condoms. They love young and energetic guys who can have sex whenever the sugar mamas are horny.

They then offer these guys some cash and some even pay for their apartments where they show up at any time and demand for a good pounding.

Sugarmummy in Nairobi Nude Photos

In the sugar mummy’s nude photos below, some of the best and most sexy sugar mummies in Nairobi showcase their naked bodies on camera.

They show off their huge Kena ass and sweet-looking MILF pussy ready to be fucked by you. These photos will make you really horny and ready to fuck!!

Check out the sugar mummy porn pics below:

Sugarmummy in Nairobi Pussy

Sugarmummy in Nairobi Boobs

Sugarmummy in Nairobi Masturbating

Fucking a Sugarmummy in Nairobi

Horny Mama in Nairobi

Nairobi Sugar Mummie Blow Job Photo Nairobi Sugarmummy Pussy Photo Fucking my Sugar mama in Nairobi Big Booty Sugar mama Sugarmummy Ass Photo

Sugar Mummies in Nairobi Porn Videos

While some horny Nairobi Milfs prefer to send photos to their young lovers, others prefer to send horny Nairobi pussy videos.

In some of the videos, the sugarmummies are being fucked by ben 10s while in others they are masturbating because they are horny and need a guy to fuck them now!!

Check out the sugarmummy porn videos below:

Watch Nairobi Milf Shower Porn Video Here



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Fucking Mama Kufua Nguo After Her Shift; Cum in Milf Pussy Video



Fucking mama kufua nguo after her shift. This milf pussy was damn wet and wanted some action from the bachelor she was working for.

From the expose, it seems she got used to being fucked by her master. They both loved it so much that she would come over almost every week to get fucked good.

Look at how wet her pussy is. And how creamy it is!! She says her husband can’t fuck her like this guy does. Making her cum and orgasm every time they fuck!!

Fucking Mama Kufua Nguo Pussy Video:

This horny mama really wanted to be fucked by this young and energetic Kenyan dick.

She demanded that he wear a condom so she doesn’t get pregnant then proceeds to pose in different sexual positions to receive the sweet strokes.

She has a very sweet Kenyan pussy!!

Check out Fucking Mama Kufua Nguo After Her Shift; Cum in Milf Pussy Video:


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Sexy Black Babe Gets Her Pussy Stretched With a Big White Cocks!



Sexy black babe gets her pussy stretched with a BIG white cocks! Check out this naughty babe as she enjoys getting fucked with by horny white slave porn lovers.

This porn star decided to get featured in an orgy where horny white fucks got out their slave-loving white cucks and pounded her ebony pussy and cum on her face repeatedly all for her fans!!

Sexy Black Babe Slave Porn Photos

In the slave porn photos, this horny ebony slut goes all out to please white guys. From old to young to those with small dicks and those with huge white dicks.

She sucks their cocks, lets them play with her ebony boobs, hot ass, and even her wet cunt until they fuck her and cum all over her face in an extreme facial.

Check out the sexy black babe getting stretched photos below:

ebony white dick blowjob Ebony POV Porn Pics Ebony Titties Ebony slut whore ebony smiling naked ebony booty tight ebony pussy One Ebony many White Geeks Porn Photo Ebony Slave porn White Cock Cum on Ebony Faceial Porn Photos

You can check out more slutty ebony xxx videos over at the new Afro Sex Guide website. An elite African porn website that you will love to masturbate to every evening after a hard days work!!!


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Kenya Big Booty Competitions Makes Fans Go Wild!



Kenya Big Booty girls have stunning thick behinds. These girls range from slim thick slayqueens to all out Kenyan BBWs who couldn’t wait to showcase their glamorous gluteus maximus to the world.

Some of the very notable Kenyan celebrities with mouth-watering buttocks include Vera Sidika and Corazon Kwamboka. Both of whom have been listed on your favorite #1 Kenyan porn site, posing their nude bodies for the world to see.

Thus it did not come as a surprise either when all natural babes in Nairobi, Kenya went ahead to showcase what they got on this Kenya Big Booty Competition!

Watch Kenyan Big Booty Competitions Video Below:

These big ass girls decided to showcase their seminude bodies displaying their tantalizing ass on a show aired by The Standard.

These girls walk on stage shaking what their mama gave them as the crowd goes wild with every swing of the buttocks.

Check out the huge booty competition video below:

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Gospel Artist Susan Namu Porn Videos Leaked Again Online



Mukorino gospel artist Susan Namu porn videos have leaked online again. This sexy Mukurino artist XXX photos and videos first leaked online a few months ago when her then-boyfriend allegedly leaked her nudes.

This time around, we are not sure how her Mukurinu pussy and boobs appeared online. Some people are speculating that she is a horny artist who likes to leak her own nudes to remain relevant.

Susan Namu Porn Videos

In the naked videos, Susan Namu is seen wearing provocative lingerie underneath her dress in some videos while in others she is spreading her legs showing off her wet BBW pussy.

She goes ahead to masturbate on camera, playing with her body and fingering her Mukorino pussy.

Check out the Susan Namu porn videos below:

Watch Gospel Artist Porn Video Here



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